Quarantine is causing many of us to become a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning. Before you know it, your home will end up becoming a cluttered, smelly mess, and you won’t want to invite others over when you’re finally able to.

How can you keep your home clean the right way?

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Here are some professional house cleaning tips that will help you make the most of your time off and get your home looking neat and tidy again.

1. Use a Doormat

Stop the dirt from entering your home by purchasing a doormat for your home’s entrances. Encourage your guests and housemates to place their shoes by the mat as well to keep any dirt that doesn’t come off of their shoes in one area for easy cleanup.

Don’t forget to have one inside and outside of your home. That will ensure that any dirt will get trapped before making it far! This tip is especially useful in the winter when guests could track snow or salt into your home, so be mindful of the time of year as well.

2. Don’t Bother With Buckets

Are you the type to carry around a mop bucket or a bucket of soapy water while you clean? If so, it’s time to say goodbye to those dirty buckets and use sprayers instead.

While mop buckets may seem beneficial at first, the water inside will progressively get dirtier and you’ll wind up transferring the grime you’re trying to clean up elsewhere. Even if you replace the water for every room, you’ll end up wasting water and doing less cleaning than you’d like.

Using spray bottles with soapy water and mops with disposable cleaning pads instead will help you get the most out of your cleaning time. 

3. Play Music While You Work

I know that I’m the type of person to get bored while I’m cleaning. Playing music or listening to audiobooks while you clean is a great way to get past the boredom and enjoy the time you spend cleaning up!

Create a special cleaning playlist for yourself and jam out while you work to motivate yourself to finish the job.

4. Keep Your Tools at the Ready

Struggling to figure out where you put your cleaning tools is a hassle. To give yourself an easier time starting your cleaning, always keep your cleaning utensils in specific locations around your home. Keep some in different rooms in case you don’t need to clean the entire house.

While you may be tempted to have completely different brands or cleaning products for different rooms, you can simplify your cleaning by using just a few different products for different purposes. Have something for disinfecting, something for dusting, and something for taking care of the floor; that way, you can use the same products throughout the house if you run out in one room.

Also, microfibre towels are a great multiuse tool you should keep plenty of! Stock up on them to make cleaning a breeze.

5. Plan Your Attack

Before you begin cleaning, map out exactly what you need to do in each section of your home. When was the last time you vacuumed? Do you need to dust around the house? How is your bathroom looking right now?

Write a detailed list of everything you need to have done and stick to it. To make things easier, you can have a list of things you do daily and a list to do weekly or monthly. That will help you streamline the process and keep everything tidy.

6. Include Bathtubs and Showers in Your Cleaning Routine

A lot of people tend to ignore their bathtubs or showers when cleaning their bathrooms. After all, you’re cleaning yourself off, so surely your shower and bath must be clean as well, right? Wrong. Bathtubs can become a breeding ground for bacteria since they love hot, wet areas.

You should make sure that you include your bathtubs and showers in your regular cleaning routine. Whenever you clean your bathroom surfaces, wipe down the edges of the tub, the shower handle and bath faucet, and the showerhead for a better clean. Try to do this at least once a month to keep everything looking shiny and new!

For a full clean, don’t forget your shower and bath drain as well. It can get clogged with grime and gunk, so give it a thorough inspection every now and again to be safe.

7. Clean When the Light Is High

It’s usually best to get all of your cleaning done before 3 p.m., as this is when the light begins to get obscured from your home. Cleaning during the day is beneficial because it can help you see the dirt you may not see in the dark and show off what you still need to clean.

Of course, you can still clean in the dark, so don’t use the time of day to get out of your chores! Just make sure you light up the room well so that you can see dirt properly.

Professional House Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Neat

These professional house cleaning tips will help you keep your home looking fresh during the quarantine. Use them the next time you feel your home is becoming too dirty so you can be proud when you invite people over next!

What tips do you use to help you clean your home? Are there any specific products that you can’t clean your home without? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Leave a comment down below with your own ideas, and contact us if you need help getting your home cleaned today.