Do you ever look around your home and think how did this place become such a mess? You might visit a friend’s house and wonder how they are able to keep their home looking so pristine and orderly.

You might also feel like all you do is clean or pick up, only to find it is immediately a mess again. Or you might be in the other camp that has a hard time finding the time to do the regular cleaning required to keep a house looking polished and tidy

Are you wondering how often should you clean your house to keep it not only orderly but genuinely clean too? Read on for a guide explaining how often you need to clean different areas to maintain cleanliness. 

How Often to Clean?

It seems like there would be a simple answer to the question of how often to clean. While there are some good guidelines to follow, you also have to know your house. 

Evaluate how you live in your house. Are there some spaces that rarely get used, while other areas get heavy daily wear and tear? Take a step back and consider which spaces feel like they need more frequent cleaning. Is there a bathroom where it is used by all members of your family regularly? That might be a space that needs more cleaning than perhaps a guest bathroom. 

Tidy Vs. Clean

You can go a long way to working towards a clean house by creating a routine to keep your home tidy. Now tidy doesn’t necessarily mean clean. Yet, it makes it much easier to actually clean your home when you have things put away and the place looking tidy. 

The first step towards getting and keeping a clean house will be to establish a routine to pick things up on a daily basis.

This might mean that each night before you go to bed, you create a routine that involves working through your house and putting things where they belong. 

If you have kids, put toys away. Take time to put shoes where they belong, instead of scattered by the door or in the kitchen. Make a point of handling the mail pile on a daily basis. 

Tidy up the pillows on your sofa. Make sure wet towels are hung up to dry and dirty clothes actually make it to the hamper each day. 

When you create a daily routine for picking up, it will be much easier to tackle the actual cleaning chores you need to do too.

Daily Cleaning

If your house is tidy, then you can consider what areas of your home need daily cleaning. Part of this list will depend on your home and its occupants, but generally, these are the areas you should consider giving a daily clean.

Your kitchen is one area that needs daily cleaning. You want to make sure you do the dishes daily, so they aren’t sitting in the sink with food stuck to them. 

Your kitchen counters can be quite the gathering spot for bacteria and germs when you cook and prep food on them. You want to wipe your counters down well and disinfect them daily. Wipeout your kitchen sink to make sure you don’t have food sitting in the sink that collects bacteria. 

Check the floor around the areas where you cook and make sure you wipe up any spills or crumbs daily. 

Then think about flat surface areas. This is especially important in today’s COVID world. Wash down and disinfect those flat surfaces where your family is likely to have their hands. This might include the coffee table and kitchen table. You might even consider wiping down heavily used bathroom counters too. 

Every Few Days

You may have some places in your house that need a clean every few days. 

If you don’t do bathroom counters daily, you should consider wiping them down and disinfecting them every few days. 

Think about the heavy traffic areas in the house. Maybe you have a laundry room that also works as an entry to the house. Or an entry way where lots of shoes collect. These are places you might want to sweep every few days to prevent dirt from traveling to other areas of your house. 

Your kitchen floor would also be a good place to sweep every few days. Food falls and this is typically a room that gets a lot of traffic from all members of the family. 


One area of your home you want to deep clean on a weekly basis is your bathrooms. This means you scrub the toilets and wipe them down. Be sure to also disinfect the handles, which are frequently touched by lots of hands. 

Clean and disinfect bathroom sinks and faucets. Your shower or bathtub also need weekly cleaning. Note, if you have glass doors on your shower, you should be wiping those down daily to make the weekly cleaning easier. 

You should also wash the bathroom floor weekly. It also makes sense to mop your kitchen floor weekly if you have hard surface flooring. While cleaning the bathroom, don’t forget to clean the mirrors to remove water spots and streaks. 

Many people change their bedding weekly as part of their weekly cleaning routine too. 

You also should vacuum and carpeted areas of your house on a weekly basis. 

Every Few Weeks

Every few weeks, you want to inspect the inside of your fridge. Throw out spoiled or expired food before it starts to smell. Wipe down the inside of the fridge to keep spilled messes at bay. 

It also makes sense to plan to dust your home every few weeks. This means you are wiping down shelving, wall frame, lampshades to remove dust. 


You want to take time monthly to clean the inside of appliances like your stove, oven, and microwave. 

On a monthly schedule, it makes sense to dust some of those harder to reach surfaces like ceiling fans, baseboards, light fixtures, and blinds on the windows. 

 Few Times a Year 

A few times a year you also want to clean your windows. This means you are washing and drying both the inside and the outside of the window panes. 

Your closets and closet doors should be cleaned out a few times a year too.  

Keep a Clean House by Knowing How Often You Should Clean Your House

Knowing how often should you clean your house is the first step in actually keeping a clean house.  Once you get yourself on a regular schedule, you will be delighted to have your house consistently clean all the time. 

If you are still struggling to do all this cleaning yourself, we can help. You will love nothing more than coming home to a fully clean house after someone has done it for you. Contact us today to get an easy online quote so we can get started helping you with your cleaning needs.