If you’re one of those people that have trouble keeping your house clean, perhaps it’s time to hire a cleaner to take care of your home.

A house cleaner relieves some of the stress of maintaining a clean and orderly home, especially if you’re an especially busy person. Or, you don’t like cleaning in general and would happily pay someone to take care of the dirty work – literally.

Whatever the reason, here are some house cleaner hiring tips to help you choose the best house cleaner for your family and someone you can trust.

1. Ask Around

Getting recommendations from friends and family you trust is the best way to find an excellent house cleaner. You can ask questions, inquire about services and costs, as well as the reputation of the company or independent cleaner.

Your friends and family will be happy to share their experiences honestly with you and won’t steer you wrong.

2. Consider The Services

Is there a specific type of cleaning you want? Do you want weekly, biweekly, or monthly deep cleaning?

Many cleaning services offer a variety of services because cleaning needs are different for each client. Before you commit to any cleaning service or house cleaner, think about what services you want and what you’re goals are for keeping your home tidy.

3. Interview

Do you have a candidate in mind? It’s time to schedule an interview!

Interviewing the candidate is important because you will be allowing this person to enter your home, so you need to feel comfortable and confident with them. This is also a chance for you to ask questions about cleaning products, rates, and policies or anything else that comes to mind.

Having the person in your presence will help you funnel your choices. It’s completely ok to interview more than one person, in fact it’s highly encouraged!

4. Rates

You might think that paying a house cleaner might not be worth the money. After all, isn’t it pretty expensive considering that you could simply clean your home yourself?

The average cost of paying for a house cleaner is $90-$150 per week. This rate will vary due to location, frequency, home size, and experience. Rates could increase or decrease depending on the services you choose as well.

Overall, paying for a house cleaner is a personal choice. For some, it’s well worth the money because they lead hectic lives that don’t allow margins for cleaning. For others, paying a small fee for a few services might be acceptable.

Be sure to know the rates and get them in writing before hiring a house cleaner. Remember that rates will fluctuate and price doesn’t always reflect the job done.

5. Protect Yourself

House cleaners that are contracted by a company and the company itself may have protection in the form of insurance if something accidentally gets broken, or if an employee is found guilty of theft. This doesn’t always mean you’re protected, however.

Look into the insurance the company offers and find out whether or not it extends to you. When you’re hiring an individual cleaner, it’s a wise idea to add workers’ comp to your homeowner’s policy in case of an accident.

6. Don’t Be Shy About What You Want

When you’re paying for a house cleaner, don’t hold back with the services you expect. Be sure the house cleaner knows exactly what to do, and communicate with them as professionally as possible. Also, listen to them when they relay and explain the services they offer and how they execute their cleaning.

Keep the house cleaner in-the-know if any situations change. For example, maybe you have a house guest coming, or a new puppy or baby and your needs have shifted. Let the house cleaner know so they’re not surprised.

Most house cleaners appreciate when homeowners tell them what they need because this way the house cleaner establishes a professional reputation as well as getting the job done correctly.

If you feel the need, stay for the first few cleanings or so.

7. Read Reviews

If you’re not into hiring an independent contractor or you don’t know anyone who has a house cleaner, start by reading the reviews online by some reputable cleaning companies.

Do the same as above: ask questions, compare services, inspect insurance, and so forth.

8. Establish A Relationship

When letting a stranger into your home, you may be a little wary. You’re about to let someone you’ve never met be a large part of your life, and you may see them regularly.

Make sure to engage in conversation with them, being as polite and professional as possible. Establishing trust with each other is of utmost importance, but be sure to lock up your valuables as well!

9. Give Notice

If you’re not really to commit to a regular cleaning service, and just need a one-time cleaning, be sure to give notice! Most places will need at least two-weeks notice before your event, or they may charge a large fee for rush cleanings.

If you need home cleaning during an especially busy time of year, schedule your appointment several weeks in advance to make sure you get what you need.

House Cleaner Hiring Tips

With these house cleaner hiring tips, you’re likely to find the best person for the job. Being patient and taking your time looking is best when you’re ready to hire a house cleaner.

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