Are you looking for ways to keep your home nice and tidy throughout the workweek? Do you find yourself frustrated by the filth in your house, but don’t have time to take care of it? If so, then you need to be hiring a professional home cleaner to help you out.

Doing so can benefit you in many different ways. It will help you take back control of your time, give you more peace of mind, and ensure a deeper clean for your house.

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting all of the benefits and reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner for your house.

1. Take Back Control of Your Time

Maybe you’re the type of person that doesn’t enjoy keeping a clean home but realizes the benefits and need of doing so. Perhaps you’re so strapped for time that you haven’t been able to do an in-depth cleaning in a while.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! In fact, you’re not alone. Modern statistics have proven that the average US worker only has less than 30-minutes of free time each week. Not each day; each week.

Your time is full of non-negotiables. You have to dedicate time to your career, your family, and your personal life. Add cleaning your house to the mix and you barely have any free time to yourself at all. But what if you could free up some more free time in your schedule?

Hiring a professional cleaner will allow you to do just that! You can schedule a time for a trusted service to come by, clean your house, and have it looking spick and span by the time that you get home.

Now, you have one less thing to worry about every week. Instead, whenever you have free time, you can hang out with the family!

2. Efficient and Thorough Cleaning

Even if you do dedicate time to clean your house each day/week, it’s highly unlikely that you give it an efficient cleaning. For example, you might vacuum the floors, but do you dust the cobwebs on the ceiling? When is the last time you dusted your window sills? Have you cleaned the patio door in a while?

These tasks add up quickly, and it can feel as if you’re sinking in a sea of cleaning duties. It might feel as if you have to decide between doing a few tasks really well or just glossing over as many tasks as possible.

Hiring a professional cleaning service won’t just help you take back control of your time, it can also ensure a thorough clean every time! here are just a few of the tasks our services offer for a furnished home (such as yours):

  • Dust all furniture and lamps
  • Empty trash cans and baskets
  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Mop the floors
  • Make all beds
  • Change the linens throughout the house
  • Clean all of the TV screens
  • Dust all picture frames and accessories
  • Dust wall hangings
  • Fluff pillows and straighten the sofa cushions

The list goes on and on! As you can see, hiring a professional cleaner can give your home a detailed clean that it hasn’t seen in years.

3. Faster Cleaning

Why add more to your plate when there’s someone that can do it for you? Better yet, a professional has the experience and diligence to clean your house faster.

As you saw in the point above, our maids all have a thorough list of tasks that they perform in every room of every house they visit. They can perform these cleaning duties quickly, meaning you only have to open your house to them for a few hours tops.

Instead of being forced to spread out the tasks throughout the week so you can knock them out, an experienced maid can knock them all out in a few hours each week. That way, your home will stay consistently clean for your family and your guests.

4. Safety

Assuming that you hire a trusted professional cleaning service, you can always have more peace of mind, whether you’re at the house when they’re cleaning or not.

We here at Detailed Cleanings have an exhaustive background screening process that we perform on all of our maids. That way, we can ensure safety for you and your family.

We also do extensive training to make sure our service lives up to the expectations of our clients. You will enjoy high-end customer service no matter which of our maids come to clean your property.

5. Peace of Mind

Walking into an unkempt house is frustrating. You want to clean it, but you’re exhausted from everything else you had going on that day; we get it!

By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can ensure that your house is always maintained and as clean as can be. No more dust bunnies rolling around the house or coffee stains on the counters.

After you roll inside from a long day of work, you’ll be able to sit on your couch, kick your feet up, and relax with the family. You’ll have full peace of mind, knowing that your house is as clean as can be!

Hiring a Professional Cleaner: It’s Worth Every Penny

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide with all the reasons you should be hiring a professional cleaner, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to read this article for more information on green home cleaning and how to use items in your own pantry to clean the house efficiently. To get started, call us today at 832-483-5721 and we will be happy to assist you further.