Do you struggle to keep your home’s toilet clean? No matter how well you clean it, it always seems to get dirty quickly. This is especially true when you have many people living in your household. 

Although you can’t prevent your toilet from being used and getting dirty, there are a few toilet cleaning tips that can help make cleaning the toilet easier for you. These toilet cleaning tips will hopefully make the clean last a bit longer as well. We know how quickly hard water stains can build in a toilet. 

We also know how difficult it can be to keep the entire toilet clean on the inside and outside. That’s why we’re here to help. If you’re looking for some great tips on how to clean a toilet efficiently, then continue reading below. 

Here’s all the best advice about cleaning a toilet that you need to know!

1. Place a Cleaner in the Bowl

If hard water and other toilet scum have built up in your toilet for quite some time, then it most likely needs a lot of power to scrub it clean. A good way to help lift up toilet stains is to allow the toilet cleaner to sit for several minutes before scrubbing it clean. Take your time selecting a toilet cleaner that suits your cleaning needs. 

There’s a variety of cleaners including bleach cleaners and eco-friendly options as well. For some homeowners, it might take a few tries before you find a cleaner that you like. Once you find a good one, pour the cleaner inside the bowl near the top of the toilet bowl rim. 

This allows the cleaner to slowly drip down into the bowl. Use enough to cover the entire bowl if it’s covered in stains. Now, allow it to sit as you proceed to the next step. 

2. Disinfect the Lid and Seat

To disinfect the toilet lid and seat, you first need to choose a disinfectant. Keep in mind that these parts of the toilet will come into contact with your skin, so choose a disinfectant that won’t irritate you. Then, start with the seat.

Lift the seat and spray both sides. Allow the disinfectant to sit for about 10 minutes. Take your scrub brush or towel rag and wipe the seat down, removing any stains.

You should also spray and wipe down the top of the toilet bowl located under the seat. Next, you want to spray both sides of the lid and allow it to sit for several minutes as well. 

Wipe down to remove any stains. 

3. Scrub Clean the Exterior

The next step is to clean the entire toilet’s exterior. This also includes the exterior of the toilet’s tank. You can use a regular household cleaner for this step. 

To start, you can lightly wet the exterior of the toilet. Then, take a gentle scrub brush that’s clean and dip it into the cleaner of your choice. You can now scrub the entire toilet’s exterior. 

Each time you need more cleaner, be sure to rinse the tools off before dipping them into the cleaning solution. If you need to scrub hard-to-reach sections or creases, an old toothbrush is a great tool to use! Rinse the exterior off to finish the process. 

4. Clean the Inside of the Bowl

Now it’s time to go back to the interior of the toilet bowl that you left in step one. At this time, the cleaner should have had enough time to break down the stains and other toilet scum buildup. Use your toilet brush to clean the bowl. 

Start at the top of the bowl, cleaning up and inside the rim of the toilet where the water pours down to fill the bowl. Scrub the inside of the bowl until all of the stains are lifted and removed. You might need to clean the toilet scrub brush every so often to ensure proper cleaning. 

When done, flush the toilet to rinse. 

5. Disinfect on a Regular Basis

Even though your toilet is sparklingly clean at this point, it won’t stay like this forever. You will need to clean it on a regular basis to keep it this way. It’s also ideal to disinfect the toilet on a regular basis (even before you need to clean it).

Every morning or evening, you can take your disinfectant and quickly spray the toilet handle, lid, and seat with it. Wipe it down and go. It’s important to take great care when disinfecting the toilet handle. 

This is the most touched surface of the toilet and should not be forgotten. 

6. Hire Professional House Cleaners

Are you looking for help with keeping your toilet clean? Keeping the toilet, bathroom, and entire house clean can be a challenge for many reasons. Not all homeowners have the free time to spend cleaning their homes thoroughly. 

For this reason, it’s beneficial to consider hiring professional house cleaners. Professional house cleaners can provide specific types of cleaning services depending on your needs. This then frees up your time and allows you to spend your time on things that matter most to you while still keeping a clean and sanitized home. 

Toilet Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

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