Like any fabric, carpets should be cleaned regularly to maintain their life and beauty. Having your carpets professionally cleaned not only enhances the visual aspect of your home it also rids your floors of possible mildew, mold, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, and many other unseen allergens and pollutants.

To keep your carpet clean, it’s necessary to vacuum regularly with a strong, well-functioning and properly-filtered vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, children, pets, and normal wear, carpet fibers become soiled and carpet abrasion may result. No matter how much you vacuum, eventually you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner.

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Carpet Cleaning1 | Houston House CleaningWould you hire an untrained mechanic to perform a routine tune-up on your car? You should feel the same way when it comes to making a decision on hiring someone to come clean your carpet.

We at Detail Cleaning Services have IICRC Certified Carpet Technicians- meaning we know the chemistry behind residential carpet cleaning.

Below is our procedure to make sure the job is of the utmost quality.

STEP 1: Pre-Inspection
We walk through your home to determine all the heavy traffic areas and special spots that need be treated. If pet urine is identified we have to treat the area in order to guarantee our service (separate charge). Our technician will let you know of any permanent stains that cannot be removed so there are no surprises.

STEP 2: Pre-Vacuum
We will do a thorough vacuum to remove any dry soil. Dry soil removal is an important step in delivering a professional level of service. A large content of soil in the carpet is in particulate form.

STEP 3: Pre-conditioning and Agitation
We will apply a pre-conditioning agent (family friendly chemical) to all areas to break down the soil throughout the carpet. After the preconditioning spray is applied our tech will agitate the carpet and help loosen the fibers. This process will help remove most soil stains and spots.STEP 4:

STEP 4: Through Hot Water Extraction
(Steam Cleaning)/ Rinse& Deodorize (optional)
Our deep hot water extraction will help remove most stains in the carpet without over wetting it or leaving any sticky residue behind. Our technician has total control of the water temperature which ranges from 0 to 240 degrees.

The tech will adjust depending on the condition of the carpet. The higher the temperature, the more effective the cleaning process will be in emulsification and suspension of soils.

STEP 5: Carpet Protector (optional)
Carpet is protected with our Teflon Advanced Capet Protector. Teflon® Advanced protects each little fiber with a clear seal that wraps around it. This seal will resist soil from penetrating each tiny individual fiber.

The soil will not be as likely to bond and thus can more easily be picked up with an ordinary vacuum. Your carpets and furniture will stay cleaner longer with Teflon® Advanced. In addition, the protectant will help resist stains, spills, and spots.

STEP 6: Grooming
The carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of the carpet is standing tall when we leave. Post grooming also helps the carpet pile dry faster and in the right position.

STEP 7: Final Walk-through inspection
Before your carpet technician leaves your home, he will do a thorough walk-through with you to ensure the job is of the utmost quality. We will never rush through a job!


  • We will only move light furniture.
  • Please remove any breakable items before our personnel arrive at your home.
  • We do not recommend you move any heavy furniture such as piano, aquariums, book shelves and other furniture that has never been moved, no need to clean under those areas.
  • We will not move any electronic items such as TV’s, computers, radios, etc.
  • There is a minimum trip charge of $119