That new house may be new to you, but that doesn’t mean the last tenets or owners left it clean to your standards. That new house still needs a clean that’s going to make you feel comfortable in your new home. Those little things may feel new to you, but it doesn’t mean it’s clean. 

When you’re moving into a new house you need a move in cleaning checklist to make sure you have it all covered. A cleaning checklist will help you feel confident in your new home being safe and ready for your family to start growing your memories. 

Unsure of what you should remember? We’ve got the cleaning tips you’re looking for to help you feel settled. Read on below for little reminders of what you shouldn’t forget to clean in your new home. 

Prioritize the Bathroom

One area in a home that many homeowners and renters fail to clean well enough is the bathroom. With so many little small areas to collect grime and filth, the bathroom needs a ton of attention. You’re going to want to pay attention to every fine detail when cleaning this room

All-purpose cleaners as well as vinegar can be used to combat those tough-to-clean spaces. Toilet brushes, paper towels, and sponges can all be used, as well as an old toothbrush for the smaller areas that you can’t reach by hand. Every area must be scrubbed and rinsed well. 

Clean the toilet in advance of moving into your home. Allow the cleaning solution to sit in the toilet bowl overnight for the best and closest cleaning. 

The Ceiling Fans Need Attention

Have you noticed just how dirty the ceiling fans in your home can become? When you’re moving into a new space if there are fans this is the area you’re going to want to devote attention to. Nothing is worse than turning on a fan and seeing the debris fall on your clean floor or furniture. 

Carefully, with a duster clean the tops and sides of the ceiling fan. This will remove any build-up that the prior owners or renters have forgotten to clean. A simple dusting solution and all-purpose cleaner can be used along with your duster to assure that all of that build-up is properly treated. 

Cleaning hacks like these provide you with the chance to get better circulation in your home. Your ceiling fans can be some of the dirtiest areas winning your home. Always remember to dust these down with the change of season to prevent too much buildup in the long run. 

Wash Down Your Walls

You might be surprised at just how much filth gathers on walls in a short period of time. Before you move in your furniture give the walls in your new space a great deep cleaning treatment. With a sponge and liquid dish soap, you can make the walls look like new again. 

If you think about it, your walls potentially gather everything. Every candle that’s lit in your home, food splatters, handprints, all of these things gather within your walls and do not get cleaned as often as many of us would like. 

Cleaning your walls is a great way to remove many different forms of allergens that cling to your space and make it hard to breathe. Walls are easy to wipe down and should always be remembered as one of the first things you do prior to moving into your new home. 

Deep Clean Appliances

Remembering to clean all of your appliances is an important part of moving into your new space. Your stove, fridge, and dishwasher all need attention before you ever begin using them. These items are always high-touch surfaces in your home. 

Use a grease-cutting cleaner on the outside of the stove and inside if the oven doesn’t have a self-cleaning mechanism. As for the dishwasher, run the dishwasher empty with vinegar to disinfect from the prior owners. 

The fridge is another large appliance that you may want to clean with a toothbrush to thoroughly do the job. Use an all-purpose cleaner that is safe for food surfaces to protect your whole family when cleaning. 

Give Attention to the Floors

Of course, your floors will be wiped down and washed from time to time. When you first move you have empty and ample space to not have to move around furniture to get that close clean. Instead, the open space allows you to get every corner with an even clean.

If possible, rent a steamer for those dirty carpets to assure that they are up to standard. A steamer can be rented from your local home repair store and may run you a small amount. This cleaning will remove any stains or odors left behind by the prior tenants. 

For hardwood floors, you will want to use a hardwood soap on your floors. Hardwood soaps offer the best clean and shine for your new space. Most floors need to be carefully treated in order to maintain their gloss and keep from becoming scuffed and scratched in your big move. 

Keep Your Move in Cleaning Checklist Handy

It’s time to move into that new home and feel confident that it’s ready for you and your family. Having a move in cleaning checklist to assist you with those little reminders is beneficial to your peace of mind.

Make yourself a list from the article above and get that deep clean for your new space. Follow your list closely for the peace of mind that your space is as clean as possible. 

If you’re looking for further assistance in the shape of move in cleaning service options, we can help you with that. Contact us for your quote as soon as possible! We’ll be right here with you every step of the way.