There are few more therapeutic feelings than sitting in a well-cleaned room. A regular clean just won’t do it. You need to learn how to deep clean your room to feel the full weight lift off your shoulders.

Does your room need a deep clean? Follow these 9 simple steps and learn how to clean your bedroom properly and deeply every time.

1. Declutter

The first step to any deep clean is to take care of all the clutter.

That means picking up and putting away all your loose clothes, any garbage you might have lying around, and any of your belongings. Put your books away on their shelf, take any dishes from your room and clean them up, and organize your desk. Make sure everything is in its right place, and there’s no clutter in your room.

2. Take Care of the Bed

Next, strip everything off of your bed and start fresh.

Launder your sheets and blankets, and don’t forget about the pillowcases. Flip your mattress if it needs it, and consider flipping any bed-topper you might have as well, like memory foam. You might even want to give your bedframe a clean with appropriate furniture polish, and push your bed over to clean under it with a vacuum.

Once the bedding is clean, make and straighten it out. Just looking over your nice, made bed offers a great feeling of pride, and makes the whole room seem cleaner.

3. Vacuum Everything

Now that you’re clutter-free and with a clean bed, it’s time to get all the small stuff.

Grab your vacuum cleaner and vacuum every crack and crevice in the room. You can use a hand-held hoover if you want to get into all the hard-to-reach spaces, or a vacuum with a hose attached. You may also want a broom on-hand to push dirt from crevices.

Make sure to vacuum under dressers and drawers, your bed, and behind your desk. Don’t forget about the closet! You might even consider vacuuming your curtains and bedding if you want to go the full mile.

4. Dust

A lot of people forget about dusting, but it’s one of the most important parts of any deep clean.

Dusting lets you get all the small particles you missed while vacuuming. Make sure to dust all electronics you can (TV, game consoles, computer) your desk, the surfaces of any furniture, and your windowsill. If you have a fan in your bedroom you should definitely dust it, as dust tends to accumulate on the fan and spread around the room when it’s turned on.

If you have allergies, dusting is especially important. Make sure you get all vents and baseboards, as well. Dust any surface you can’t vacuum and you’re on the right track.

5. Clean Your Windows/Screens

How long has it been since you’ve been able to see clearly out your window?

Get a good glass cleaner and spray it onto your window(s) then wipe it down good. Always wear appropriate gloves when doing this, especially if you’re dealing with chemicals. While you’re at it, give your TV and computer monitors a good wipe-down.

If you want to go the extra mile, take out your window screens and vacuum them off with the brush attachment. You can also do this to the curtains.

6. Take Care of Stains

While you’re cleaning your room, take note of any stains you find. Now, you’re ready to take care of them.

Get a good cleaning solution fit for the surface where the stain is. Follow the directions of the solution properly, and clean any stains you took note of. Make sure to wear all the proper PPE when you do this, as cleaning chemicals can be abrasive.

7. Double-Clean Highly-Touched Areas

Consider the areas you and guests touch the most in your room, and give those an extra clean.

This might include things like light switches, doorknobs, game console controllers/the TV remote, and the surface of your desk. Go around to highly touched areas and give them an extra, proper clean with appropriate solutions. This ensures that all the germs are gone, and you can enjoy a fully-cleaned room.

8. Organize Everything

Now it’s time for the nitty-gritty: organizing.

If you have a desk in your room, organize all the drawers and the surface. Put like objects together, and lay things out so they’re easy to use and find. Utilize all the drawers space you have, and throw out anything you don’t need.

Do this all around your room. Organize and fold the clothes in your dresser, twist-tie your cords together to keep them decluttered, and organize the contents of your side-table. You might even want to visit your bookshelf and organize your books by title, author, or even color!

Once everything is organized, do your best to keep it organized. The more organized your room, the better you’ll feel every time you walk in.

9. Mop the Floor & Freshen the Air

Finally, if you have hardwood floors, end with a nice mop.

Fill your bucket appropriately, get a scent of soap you like, and mop from corner to corner. Let the floor dry, then come back in with an air freshener. Spray your room, open the window to balance it out with fresh air, and prepare to relax in your newly deep-cleaned room.

If you want to avoid air-freshening sprays, try incense or an aromatherapy device! These are much less harsh, and keep your room fresh for a long time.

How to Deep Clean Your Room: The Ultimate Guide

With the nine steps above, learning how to deep clean your room has never been easier. By performing regular deep cleans, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full benefits of deep cleaning, including decreased allergy symptoms and overall better health. So, deep clean that room and breath easy — you deserve it.

If you’d rather leave a professional to take care of the deep cleaning, request an estimate from Detail Cleanings today.