The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of the house in every home in the world. As a result, our kitchens can get very messy and dirty and they can do so very quickly.

We’re always tidying up in the kitchen as we go. After cooking or eating a meal, we put items away, wash dishes, and wipe down our counters.

Now and then, though, our kitchens need a much deeper cleaning. No matter how much we try to stay on top of the dirt and grime, there will be times when we need to spend an hour or two making sure this space is as clean as it can be.

If you don’t know how to deep clean a kitchen, don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are a lot of spots in the kitchen that can be easily overlooked without a guide like this one.

Fortunately, this ultimate guide to cleaning a kitchen will help you to ensure that every nook and cranny of your kitchen is clean as a whistle. After your deep cleaning, you’ll take a look at your now very clean kitchen with pride and satisfaction.

Read on to get started.

When to Deep Clean a Kitchen

Deep cleaning a kitchen is time-consuming, but it’s necessary. Because it takes much more time than your standard, every day or even every week cleaning, most people choose to do a deep clean every once in a while.

How frequently you want to deep clean your kitchen is up to you and depends on your personal tolerance for dirt and grime. Some people deep clean their kitchens once a month; others do it on a quarterly basis.

Still, others only do it twice a year, but you really ought to do a full and complete deep clean at least once a year if you want your kitchen to continue to remain a happy place in your home.

However, many people don’t have time to deep clean their kitchens as often as they would like.

If this sounds like you, you might consider hiring a cleaner to do the job for you. Professional cleaners will do an excellent job, and then it will be much easier for you to keep it looking sharp with ongoing cleanings until you have them come back again.

What You’ll Need

If you’re doing your deep cleaning yourself, it’s wise to put together a kitchen deep cleaning kit before you begin. That way, you won’t be running all over the house to find the right cleaning supplies for each job.

A simple cleaning kit will include cleaning gloves, sponges, rags, a toothbrush for small spaces, a broom, a mop, and your vacuum cleaner. You’ll also need glass cleaner, tile cleaner, wood cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner.

If you are interested in cleaning your home with all-natural, DIY cleaning supplies, you’ll probably want to include some white vinegar, baking soda, table salt, and essential oils, or your own selection of store-bought nature-based cleansers.

How to Deep Clean a Kitchen

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, it’s time to dive in and to learn how to deep clean a kitchen.

When it comes to a deep clean, there is some strategy involved. You’ll want to work from top to bottom, so if any dust from above falls below, you can clean it up when you get there. You’ll want to do your floors last.

You’ll also want to work from one side of the room to another so you can make sure that you don’t miss anything. This methodical way of cleaning will keep you moving until the job is done, too.

If there are things that are extremely dirty, like the stovetop, the inside of your refrigerator, or certain cabinets, you’ll also want to tackle those early on. That way, if you make a bigger mess in the process of cleaning that mess, you can take care of the new, smaller mess after you’re finished.

People who get distracted easily can benefit from setting a timer to stay on track, but don’t forget to take breaks, also. Try cleaning for thirty minutes and then alternate those half-hour blocks with ten-minute breaks until your deep clean is complete.

A Clean Kitchen: Step by Step

Every kitchen is a little different from every other kitchen, but they all have many things in common. This list below will help you remember things you may forget, but some may not apply to your kitchen, and there may be other things that need cleaning that are not on this list. Still, this should help you get started.

Up High

Start above your head. Wipe down all light fixtures and vacuum the ceiling if need. If your cabinets don’t go all the way up, wipe down their tops. Also, wipe down the fronts of all the cabinet and their hardware.

Cleaning inside the cabinets is a job of its own, but there’s no time like the present to take it on. Take everything out of all of the high cabinets and wipe down every shelf before putting things back in an organized manner.

Take down window treatments and wash them and also clean the windows. If it’s nice out, open them and let some fresh air in, too.

Waist Height

So much of what happens in your kitchen happens at waist height, so this area may need a lot of attention. First, clean and shine your sink and use the toothbrush to get in all the corners. Clean your dish rack and any dish towels and rags you have sitting around.

Clean your stovetop and polish any chrome. Clean the inside and front of your refrigerator and organize the inside.

Remove all appliances and other items from the countertops and clean them thoroughly. Also take time to clean all of the appliances themselves, too.

Down Below

Next is the area around your knees and feet. Empty and clean and organize your lower cabinets and drawers and wipe down their fronts and hardware if you haven’t already.

Sweep and vacuum and mop your floors and shake out and wash area rugs.

That’s it! Your deep cleaning is complete. This should only take an hour or two, and will go much faster once you have done it a few times already.

Happy Deep Cleaning

Now that you know how to deep clean a kitchen, what are you waiting for? Dive in and conquer it today. It’s a lot of work, but when all is said and done, you’ll be glad that you put in the time.

If you want help with this task, please contact us today for an instant online quote. We have years of experience in cleaning and we love to do it. We’d love to come over and deep clean your kitchen for you any time. We can’t wait to hear from you!