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What Makes Detail Cleaning Services Different?

With today’s busy life the last thing you want to do is spend your family time cleaning your home. It is understandable that you need help keeping up with the everyday chores without overwhelming yourself. With Detail Cleaning Maid Services that is possible.

After a long day at work, we all want to come home to a spotless clean home. Detail Cleaning Services can make that happen for an affordable rate on a recurring basis.

We believe that a great maid service experience begins from the time you contact us to request an estimate. Our customer service team will answer any concerns or questions you might have in a timely manner.

In addition, our highly trained maids take pride in the work they performed and will treat your home with the respect it deserves. Even if it takes us longer than expected to clean your home, it won’t cost you a penny more than we promised. Our trained and experienced maids know that the first impression is the most important one.

Also Offering Steam Carpet Cleaning!

Like any fabric, carpets should be cleaned regularly to maintain their life and beauty. Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Detail Cleaning Services not only enhances the visual aspect of your home it also rids your floors of possible mildew, mold, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, and many other unseen allergens and pollutants. Learn more about our carpet cleaning service.


Since 2009, Detail Cleaning Services has been striving to provide the best quality service at an affordable rate. All of our prices are fixed which means we will not charge you more if the maids take longer than expected at your home. Other companies charge by the hour and take as long as possible with the cleaning just so they can put more money in their pockets. Our mission is to make your home look like a page from Better Homes & Gardens without “breaking the bank.”

We guarantee your Tomball house cleaner will always be:

Experienced & professional

Background & reference checked

Interviewed in-person

Cash-Free Payment

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We are a family owned company with the attention to detail and care that only a small business provides, with the upgrades and professionalism of a franchise.

Uniformed, Trusted, Courteous & Experienced maids

We offer Guaranteed pricing, with no hidden charges.

Detail Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing the best quality service to you and your family. With our fully insured and bonded service, we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our cleaning techs go through rigorous training to work efficiently and finish the job in a timely manner.


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What You Can Expect When Hired As A Professional Cleaner

People are very busy these days. They are so busy in fact that the average individual has less than thirty minutes of free time for themselves every week. With everything going on in their hectic lives, it can be quite easy for their homes to get messy.

Household chores can add up quickly. There are always bathrooms to clean, laundry to do, and dishes to wash. When things become too overwhelming, busy families end up hiring professional cleaners.

A quality cleaning service can significantly reduce the amount of stress that a family or individual is suffering from. That will allow them to focus on more important issues in their lives, knowing that their home is in good hands. We have you covered if you are interested in joining a professional cleaning service but are not sure what all is involved.

What You Can Expect From A Professional Cleaning Service

When working as a housemaid, you will usually have a general idea of what your responsibilities may be. However, it is essential to collect as much information as possible on what your duties will be so that you can have reasonable expectations for the job. We will be discussing what you can expect while you are cleaning someone’s house.

This is just covering the basics. Different homeowners are going to want different things, with some interested in quick cleaning while others will want to have a deep clean done. Either way, a family will be given peace of mind by your cleaning services, which is something you can be very proud of.

Regular Cleaning

When you work for a cleaning service, usually the company will provide you with all of the necessary cleaning supplies. Become familiar with all of the products you will be using, including the ingredients.

That will help to ensure that you know which are the right tools to use for the job. Customers are paying for a professional service, so if anything is done in a subpar manner it can end up costing the cleaning service business. Certain cleaning products should not be used on delicate materials. Also, ingredients that customers are allergic to should not be used.

You can now start working

At times there might be multiple maids while at other times it could be just you. When it is just you, there will be more for you to hand than when there are other house cleaners working where everyone takes on a different task. A majority of cleaning jobs tend to be on the light side of things since it involves what would normally be needed for weekly cleaning.

The following is a general list of what is involved:

  • Replace the trash bags and take out all of the trash
  • Dust, vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors
  • Tidy up around the home
  • Clean the bathrooms – mirror, bathtub, sink, toilet, etc.
  • Clean the kitchen – appliances, counters, etc.

Sometimes, a client will expect just a light clean. They will tell the cleaning service what their needs and expectations are so you will exactly what the customer is paying for.

Regular cleaning doesn’t take a long time since it isn’t as thorough compared to a deep clean. However, it is still very important to exceed your customer’s expectations by ensuring that all necessary tasks are done in an exceptional manner. Even if it is only regular cleaning, make sure that you check everything after you are done to ensure everything has been thoroughly cleaned.

Deeper Clean

At times you will be hired to do a deep cleaning. Usually, a house will have a deep cleaning done once every 6 months or the client might be holding an important event. Whatever the reason is, it is a more ti job, but it also pays more.

The aim of deep cleaning is removing all of the grime and dirt that has built up. It has a tendency to hide in places that are hard to reach or tricky areas where people do not look on a daily basis.

So along with completing all regular cleaning tasks, a deep cleaning service involves doing the following things as well:

  • Eliminating all of the built-up grime behind the kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and oven
  • Thoroughly cleaning the insides of the cabinets and appliances such as the microwave and oven
  • Deeply scrubbing the bathroom to eliminate all the grime build-up
  • Thoroughly cleaning of all of the sinks
  • Cleaning the outside and inside of all of the windows along with their frames
  • Thoroughly dusting all of the home’s corners to eliminate cobwebs

This is just a small list of the extra tasks that are expected from customers paying to have deep cleaning services done. Keep in mind that some people might not want you to clean their bedrooms or refrigerator. However, there are also people who will attempt to demand more from you than what is included in your services.

Deep cleaning is also often needed when someone is moving out of or into a house. Usually, that involves cleaning things such as inside of the refrigerator or places that the furniture was on.

Differs From Housekeeping

There are differences between a house cleaner and a housekeeper. When you are working as a housemaid, you are performing a cleaning service within a specific period of time. You are not responsible to take care of the family’s children or run their errands.

This is an important distinction since even when there are some overlaps, there are also specific tasks tailored to each job.

Expectations of the Cleaning Service

When professional cleaners are hired by customers, they are looking to enjoy the satisfaction and convenience of having a sparkling clean house. If you would like to join a cleaning service, you will help to make people happy and also provide a service that helps the well-being of your customers.

We cannot stress enough just how critical it is to know what to expect when working as a domestic maid. Although you may have a general idea, there is a lot more involved than you might think. You already are doing a great job by learning what is involved, ow you just need to get everything clean.

Check out our list of cleaning services if you are searching for professional cleaners!

Proudly Serving the Tomball Area

A Brief History of Tomball, Texas

In the middle of the 19th century, the first group of Europeans arrived in the area that is now known as Tomball. Like most immigrants, the German settlers arrived with hope to improve their lives and with the desire to have the freedom only America promises. The immigrants found an open, fertile land that received a perfect amount of rainfall—great conditions for farming and raising cattle.

In its early days, Tomball was known as Peck which consisted only of a farming community and a small railroad stop area. On December 2, 1907, the town of Peck was renamed Tomball after the man responsible for routing the railroad and its operations through the small town, Thomas Ball. Mr. Ball is also famously known as the “Father of the Port of Houston.”

As Tomball continued to grow over the following 25-years, citizens had no clue of the major economic boom that was about to come into their lives. On May 27th, 1933 the Humble Oil Company, now known as Exxon, found oil southwest of town earning Tomball the nickname of “Oiltown USA”. Humble Oil Company and many more energy companies worked the fields around Tomball for many years producing more than 100 million barrels of oil and 316 billion cubic feet of natural gas and improved the lives of everyone in the area.

Over the next decades, Tomball continued to grow into an economically diverse and booming community. With a current population of over 10,000, Tomball is one the biggest cities in the Greater Houston area.

Maid Services in Tomball

After a long day at work, we all want to come home to a spotless clean home. Detail Cleaning Services can make that happen at an affordable rate on a recurring basis in Tomball TX.

We believe that a great maid service experience begins from the time you contact us to request an estimate. Our customer service team will answer any concerns or questions you might have in a timely manner.  Detail Cleaning Services is only a short drive from Tomball TX so a team of maids can be readily available whenever you are ready for a housecleaning.

  • A Family Owned Business that will treat you like their own in the Tomball area.
  • Are you or your spouse a Veteran living in Tomball?  Please ask about our 10 percent Veteran Appreciation Discount. We are a Veteran owned business and understand what it means to serve.
  • Five Star Quality- All maids are on a performance bonus so there is an extra reward to make you happy!
  • Never in a Rush- There is no time pressure to complete a job, the maids are encouraged to take their time.
  • Consistency- Our goal is to make you say “WOW” after every cleaning.
  • Quality Control Team Leaders- Most teams have a Quality Control Leader to double check their work and ensure the utmost quality standards are met.
  • We have excellent employees in Tomball- we are responsible for payroll taxes and workers compensation, NOT you!

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