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Tomball House Cleaning and Maid Services

Veteran Owned & Ready to Serve. Trusted Since 2009.

Serving Houston and nearby communities including Bellaire, Cypress, Fulshear, Jersey Village, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, Sugar Land and Tomball.


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Select the date and time you’d like your house cleaning professional to show up.

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A certified Houston house cleaner comes over and thoroughly cleans your home.

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Sit back and relax while our cleaning techs clean your house. Enjoy your sparkling home!

We are proud to be the highest rated, most reviewed
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What Makes Detail Cleaning Services Different?

After a long day at work, we all want to come home to a spotless clean home. Detail Cleaning Services can make that happen at an affordable rate on a recurring basis in Tomball TX.

We believe that a great maid service experience begins from the time you contact us to request an estimate. Our customer service team will answer any concerns or questions you might have in a timely manner.  Detail Cleaning Services is only a short drive from Tomball TX so a team of maids can be readily available whenever you are ready for a housecleaning.

  • A Family Owned Business that will treat you like their own in the Tomball area.
  • Are you or your spouse a Veteran living in Tomball?  Please ask about our 10 percent Veteran Appreciation Discount. We are a Veteran owned business and understand what it means to serve.
  • Five Star Quality- All maids are on a performance bonus so there is an extra reward to make you happy!
  • Never in a Rush- There is no time pressure to complete a job, the maids are encouraged to take their time.
  • Consistency- Our goal is to make you say “WOW” after every cleaning.
  • Quality Control Team Leaders- Most teams have a Quality Control Leader to double check their work and ensure the utmost quality standards are met.
  • We have excellent employees in Tomball- we are responsible for payroll taxes and workers compensation, NOT you!

Since 2009, Detail Cleaning Services has provided 5-Star rated house cleaning services throughout Tomball, Texas and nearby communities throughout Houston including within the following zip codes:  77354, 77362, 77375, 77377.

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Since 2009, Detail Cleaning Services has been striving to provide the best quality service at an affordable rate. All of our prices are fixed which means we will not charge you more if the maids take longer than expected at your home. Other companies charge by the hour and take as long as possible with the cleaning just so they can put more money in their pockets. Our mission is to make your home look like a page from Better Homes & Gardens without “breaking the bank.”

We guarantee your Tomball house cleaner will always be:

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Experienced & professional

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Background & reference checked

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Interviewed in-person

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Cash-Free Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Detail Cleaning Services Been A Business?2022-02-21T14:57:08-06:00

Detail Cleaning Services Started In 2009 and has been going strong ever since.

What Is The Cost Of Getting The House Cleaned?2022-02-21T14:58:18-06:00

The cost of getting the house cleaned is going to come down to the property’s size and which service has been selected. For a customized estimate, feel free to go to the Instant Quote page or call in for an estimate. The price is going to be calculated and confirmed before the appointment.

How Do You Pay For Cleaning Services?2022-02-21T15:02:08-06:00

All cleaning services have to be paid for once the service is done. We are more than happy to accept all major credit cards and the billing details will be kept on file with the credit card processor (Stripe).

Is There A Service Guarantee If I’m Unhappy?2022-02-21T15:03:28-06:00

We are professionals with years of expertise in cleaning properties. We strive to put in the hard work necessary to keep clients happy. Our solutions are not rushed and we put in the time to understand what a client wants with every aspect of the session. If you believe our work was not done properly, feel free to reach out to the office via email or phone within 48 hours. We will re-clean the problem areas and make sure it is free of cost.

We always welcome feedback from clients whether it’s positive or negative. If you believe certain areas in the house were missed, we will not make the same mistake again. For us, your satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Does A Home Have To Be Cleaned With Me There?2022-02-21T15:04:16-06:00

No, you don’t have to be home when the cleaning technicians are completing their work. Most clients are not at home when we go about our work. We will enter the home, clean it, and leave without disturbing anything. This ensures when you come home, it will be as clean as you want it to be. Feel free to leave us instructions if you want things to be done a certain way and you are not going to be there to tell us. We would also like to be aware of any unsecured pets on the premises. We will also request full access to all areas that need to be cleaned in the house. We can also work on cleaning the home office first if you work from home.

What Does A Regular House Cleaning Involve?2022-02-21T15:05:17-06:00

We provide a wide array of cleaning solutions based on a client’s requirements. The differences can include where the cleaning takes place on the property and how detailed the process is. Feel free to go through our Cleaning Services page to learn more about the different cleaning checklists and what is included in each service that’s available to you. If you believe there are specific extras that need to be included, feel free to reach out to the office before the cleaning session. A specialist will take the time to add it to the checklist beforehand. Please note, this can come with a rate change depending on the type of extra included in the checklist.

Is It Beneficial To Hire Cleaning Services?2022-02-21T15:07:01-06:00

Yes, going with a professional cleaning service comes along with a long list of benefits. You are not only going to have a specialist clean the property but it will also be more affordable than going out to buy cleaning supplies. The home will become a cleaner place to stay in and that is due to the team’s professional equipment. We go through everything to ensure things are done the way you want them to be.

Will House Cleaners Use Their Own Supplies?2022-02-21T15:07:55-06:00

Yes, everything the team needs will be brought to the house beforehand. If you have specific products that need to be used, we will make sure to include those in the process too. Please note, we are not responsible for any damage that takes place when your supplies are used during the session. Our supplies are proven for all types of properties and our specialists have experience using them.

Should You Tip House Cleaners?2022-02-21T15:08:40-06:00

Tips are not mandatory but they are always welcome. You are free to give cash to the house cleaner and/or add it to your reoccurring charge. There is nothing wrong with not giving a tip to the cleaners. The house cleaners are professional and will always do a good job even if you don’t give a tip. There are quality control standards in place to ensure that is the case and you are getting the best possible cleaning session once the process begins.

In most cases, clients will leave up to $10-20 for the house cleaner after the session.

How Often Should A Home Be Cleaned?2022-02-21T15:10:24-06:00

It is highly recommended to have a cleaning service come to the home based on how many occupants are in the house. For example, a home with just a couple might only need one cleaning session per month to get the job done. While a family of four with pets is going to need to home cleaned every week for it to be a healthy environment to live in.

What Happens If An Item Is Stolen Or Damaged?2022-02-21T15:11:10-06:00

All of the house cleaners are vetted and go through rigorous training before being hired. Based on our hiring numbers, only 10% of all applicants are hired. This means 90% never get through to the stage where they work on a property for us. Each cleaner is highly trained to handle fragile objects, use cutting-edge cleaning equipment, and make sure to not open anything that is not meant to be opened while inside the property. If you have delicate items, we do recommend placing them in a room that is not going to be visited by the house cleaner. It is also best to secure things such as weapons, jewelry, and/or cash. If you still believe something has gone wrong, feel free to reach out to the office as soon as possible. The staff will look into things on your behalf.

Where Do My Pets Go During A Cleaning Session?2022-02-21T15:12:01-06:00

We are more than happy with pets around. Our house cleaners are fine with domestic pets roaming around. However, we do recommend securing the pet if they are aggressive towards strangers as it will interfere with the professional’s performance while working inside the property.


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We are a veteran owned and family run company with the attention to detail and care that only a small business provides, with the upgrades and professionalism of a franchise.

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Detail Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing the best quality service to you and your family. With our fully insured and bonded service, we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Our cleaning techs go through rigorous training to work efficiently and finish the job in a timely manner. Our quality control program helps ensure every cleaning meets our exacting standards.

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We offer straight-forward, guaranteed pricing, with no hidden charges.

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Uniformed, Trusted, Courteous & Experienced Cleaning Technicians


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How to spend your weekend in Tomball, Texas.

  • Tomball is known as the “Hometown with a Heart,” reflecting its strong sense of community and hospitality.
  • The town is home to the Tomball German Heritage Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors each year and features live music, food, and a variety of German-themed activities.Professional House Cleaners in Tomball, TX.
  • Tomball is located on the historic “Railroad Line,” which was once a major transportation route for goods and people traveling between Houston and points north.
  • The town is home to several famous residents, including former astronaut William Fisher and country music star Clint Black.
  • Tomball is home to several historic buildings, including the Tomball Depot, which dates back to 1907 and served as the town’s first train station.

Places to Visit:

  • Tomball Historic Depot Plaza: This outdoor gathering place features a replica train depot, live music events, and a farmers market.
  • Tomball Museum Center: This museum features exhibits on local history, including the town’s founding and development over time.
  • Burroughs Park: This large park features hiking and biking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, and a lake for fishing and boating.
  • Lone Star College-Tomball: This community college campus features a variety of cultural events and performances throughout the year, including concerts, plays, and art exhibitions.
  • Tomball Cinema: This historic movie theater dates to the 1930s and offers a unique movie-going experience, complete with old-fashioned charm and modern amenities.

A Little Bit About Tomball, TX.

Tomball, Texas, located in Harris County, has a rich history that dates to the early 1800s. Originally, the area was inhabited by the Akokisa and Bidai tribes, European settlers arrived in the 1820s, and by the 1830s, the area was home to several farming communities.

The town of Tomball was officially founded in 1907, when the area’s first train station was built. The town was named after local congressman Thomas Henry Ball, who played a key role in getting the railroad built. The railroad was a major factor in the growth of the town, as it allowed farmers to transport their goods to markets in Houston and beyond.

In the early 1900s, Tomball was home to several industries, including lumber, agriculture, and oil. The town’s economy continued to grow throughout the 20th century, and by the 1980s, it had become a thriving suburb of Houston. One of Tomball’s most famous landmarks is the historic downtown area, which features several well-preserved buildings from the early 1900s. Many of these buildings have been converted into shops, restaurants, and other businesses, and the area has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Today, Tomball is home to several major employers, including Hewlett-Packard, Tomball Regional Medical Center, and the Tomball Independent School District. The town has also become known for its strong community spirit, with several annual events and festivals, including the Tomball German Christmas Market, the Tomball Night Parade, and the Tomball Farmers Market. Overall, Tomball’s history is one of hard work, determination, and community spirit, and the town continues to thrive today because of these qualities.

Proudly serving Houston and Tomball, TX in the following zip codes: 77354, 77362, 77375, 77377.

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