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Serving Houston and nearby communities including Bellaire, Cypress, Fulshear, Jersey Village, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, Sugar Land and Tomball.


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What Makes Detail Cleaning Services Different?

After a long day at work, we all want to come home to a spotless clean home. Detail Cleaning Services can make that happen at an affordable rate on a recurring basis in Missouri City, TX.

We believe that a great maid service experience begins from the time you contact us to request an estimate. Our customer service team will answer any concerns or questions you might have in a timely manner.  Detail Cleaning Services is located at 6007 Westline Dr and it is only a 15 minute drive from Missouri City. Because we are so near the Missouri City area, we offer a great service for an affordable price.

  • A Family Owned Business that will treat you like their own in the Missouri City area.
  • Are you or your spouse a Veteran living in Missouri City? Please ask about our 10 percent Veteran Appreciation Discount. We are a Veteran owned business and understand what it means to serve.

Five Star Quality– All maids are on a performance bonus so there is an extra reward to make you happy!

  • Never in a Rush- There is no time pressure to complete a job, the maids are encouraged to take their time
  • Consistency- Our goal is to make you say “WOW” after every cleaning
  • Quality Control Team Leaders- Most teams have a Quality Control Leader to double check their work and ensure the utmost quality standards are met.
  • We have excellent employees- we are responsible for payroll taxes and workers compensation, NOT you!

Since 2009, Detail Cleaning Services has provided exceptional house cleaning services throughout Missouri City, Texas and nearby communities throughout Houston including within the following zip codes:  77035, 77071, 77085, 77459, 77469, 77477, 77479, 77489, 77545, 77583.


Since 2009, Detail Cleaning Services has been striving to provide the best quality service at an affordable rate. All of our prices are fixed which means we will not charge you more if the maids take longer than expected at your home. Other companies charge by the hour and take as long as possible with the cleaning just so they can put more money in their pockets. Our mission is to make your home look like a page from Better Homes & Gardens without “breaking the bank.”

We guarantee your Houston house cleaner will always be:

Experienced & professional

Background & reference checked

Interviewed in-person

Cash-Free Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Detail Cleaning Services been in business?2022-02-18T00:13:47-06:00

Detail Cleaning Services first opened for business in 2009.

How much does it cost to get your house cleaned?2022-02-18T00:14:33-06:00

The cost for having you home cleaned will depend largely on the size of the home and the services you would like performed. We invite you to visit our Instant Quote page or call us at [phone] and speak with our knowledgeable representatives. The final price for your services will be provided to you before your appointment.

How do I pay for the cleaning services?2022-02-18T00:15:21-06:00

We accept payments once the task has been completed. We accept cash and credit card payments and will keep your billing information on file.

Do you have a service guarantee? What if I’m unhappy about your service?2022-02-18T00:16:14-06:00

We provide ourselves in our capacity to deliver the highest standards of quality and cleanliness every time. Our cleaning technicians are never rushed or distracted, but attentive to their task. They call us the “Detail Cleaning Services” because of our unparalleled attention to detail and attention to each and every aspect of the task at hand. But if you feel that some aspect of the work was not completed to the standards you expected, call us or send a report over email and we will solve the matter for no extra charge.


We appreciate all feedback provided on our work, negative comments and positive alike. If you feel that there is some way in which we can improve the services we provide, we would love to hear your commentary. We always strive for excellence and your feedback is important to us.

Do I need to be home when you clean?2022-02-18T00:17:17-06:00

No, there is no need for you to be home while the cleaning is in progress. As a matter of fact, most of our clients arrange for cleaning times when the home will be unused. This way you can arrive home to an immaculately clean environment. If you will not be home when your cleaning services arrive, we will need a way to enter the home as well as any passcodes for security systems. You can also let us know if there are any areas of the home that should not be disturbed or pets that we should be aware of.

If you will be home while the cleaning is taking place, we ask that you give our cleaning technicians plenty of space to perform their duties. If you work from home, we can clean your home office first so you can get on with your professional pursuits.

What is included in a regular house cleaning?2022-02-18T00:18:04-06:00

We offer a variety of different house cleaning services depending on the needs of the locations. The biggest difference in our cleaning services includes what will be cleaned and to what extent. You can see more information at our Cleaning Services page, here you can see the various cleaning checklists we have and what each cleaning routine will include.


If you are interested in anything you do not see immediately on the list, we invite you to call our knowledgeable representatives and discuss your vision in person. You may be subject to a change in rate for any additional cleaning services.

Is it worth it to hire a cleaning service?2022-02-18T00:18:50-06:00

Yes! Hiring a professional cleaning service is about more than just convenience. A professional clean should be a part of your regular cleaning schedule. A professional cleaning provides that in depth service that restores your entire home — or at least the areas being addressed — to their original cleanliness standards. This forms a solid support to your regular cleaning efforts.

Do house cleaners use their own supplies?2022-02-18T00:19:35-06:00

We have a wide range of top-quality eco-friendly cleaning products that we use. But if you are looking for something specific for cleaning your home, we are happy to accommodate your cleanliness standards. Please remember that we are not liable for any damage done when using the cleaning supplies you would like to use. Our own cleaning agents and supplies have been tested and our maids are trained to use them with skill and precision so that no damage comes to surfaces in your home.

Do you tip house cleaners?2022-02-18T00:20:26-06:00

Tips are never expected or required, but if you are interested in expressing your appreciation for a job well-done with a monetary gratuity, this would be most welcome. Please know that you will not see any change in your service or work experience by providing this tip, the only thing you gain is our whole-hearted appreciation.

How often should I have my home cleaned?2022-02-18T00:21:05-06:00

Different homes will have different cleaning needs. If you have a small home with no more than three occupants, bi-weekly cleanings may be more than enough. But if you live in a home with many occupants, children and pets, you may want weekly or twice weekly cleaning services to keep your home in a semblance of order.

What happens if something is broken or stolen?2022-02-18T00:21:49-06:00

Our cleaning technicians have gone through a rigorous screening process which includes background checks. We hire a mere 10% of the professionals that apply to work with our reputable cleaning service. The result is a task team of dexterous perfectionists who will treat your home and all your belongings with the ultimate respect. If you do have any delicate or especially valuable items or firearms, you can stow these in a secure location off limits to our cleaners.


If by chance anything is lost, broken or missing after the service, please call our office immediately and we will help you solve the issue. We are a fully licensed and bonded cleaning company so we are sure we can find a suitable solution to any situation that could conceivably arise.


We are a veteran owned and family run company with the attention to detail and care that only a small business provides, with the upgrades and professionalism of a franchise.

Detail Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing the best quality service to you and your family. With our fully insured and bonded service, we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our cleaning techs go through rigorous training to work efficiently and finish the job in a timely manner. Our quality control program helps ensure every cleaning meets our exacting standards.

We offer straight-forward, guaranteed pricing, with no hidden charges.

Uniformed, Trusted, Courteous & Experienced Cleaning Technicians


The Best Reasons To Work With A Professional House Cleaner

Missouri City House CleanersWhen a survey was done in recent years, Americans have proven that they have cleaning issues they deal with at home. If you’re like these people, there is somewhere in your home that isn’t simple to clean. It may be that you’re not skilled at cleaning or it could mean you don’t have enough time.

These days, it’s easy to hire a professional maid type of service that can quickly clean up your home for you. They will be able to do a thorough cleaning that leaves everything nice in your home.

It may not be clear to you why a maid company is worth working with to keep your home clean. If you want to get the information you need about why to hire maids, you’re going to want to read on.

1. You’ll Save A Lot Of Time

When you work with a professional maid type of company, they will take on tasks that otherwise would take you a long time to deal with. They will be able to do everything from your laundry to scrubbing your floors.

House cleaning services that know what they’re doing will make it easier for you to deal with a messy house in a quick amount of time. Then you’ll have some free time that you can use as you see fit.

It’s best to live your life the way you want instead of dealing with a messy home all the time because a maid service that knows their stuff can help you get everything cleaned quickly.

2. It’s Not Super Expensive

A lot of people don’t want to hire maid services because they think it’s going to cost them too much money. If you think this, know that a good service will actually help you to save your cash.

When you do business with a cleaning service you don’t need to worry about paying for supplies and the right tools to clean with. A professional is going to bring what they need to clean with. That way, you don’t need to spend money on different supplies to stock up on them.

Still, you may need a little bit of cleaning chemicals to do work in your home between maid visits. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a ton of things the next time you want to get some cleaning done.

Supplies used for cleaning can cost you quite a bit of money. This means that hiring someone that knows their stuff will make it easier to afford than paying for a bunch of supplies yourself.

3. Your Home Will Be Much Cleaner All The Time

If you hire someone that does maid services, your home will always be in great shape even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Professionals can do deep cleaning tasks and do things like disinfect the various surfaces in your home.

One thing to know about professional maids is that they can do a stellar job every time. Cleaning may feel like a chore when you do it, but when you pay to get help the work is done well. That way, you know that everything is taken care of and nothing gets missed.

They can clean things that are not easy to deal with like below different surfaces and on your ceilings. You may not think about cleaning everything in the way that they do so a professional type of service is going to do a more thorough job than you could in many cases.

4. Your Home Will Be Healthier

People that visit your home are going to bring different germs and some types of bacteria with them. When you get help from a house cleaning service, things like bacteria will be eradicated.

A good cleaning service is going to make sure your home is as clean as possible so it’s healthy to be in. An example of what they can do is that they can get rid of hidden dust and germs that are floating around in the air. When they are done with the cleaning, you don’t have to worry about problems like the air quality in your home.

Maid services will also make cleaning up after pest problems a reality as well as cleaning up after you when you’ve been preparing food on surfaces. When your home is not clean, all kinds of problems with pests can come up. Even something like not cleaning a refrigeration unit can make you more likely to deal with health issues.

When working with a maid service that is staffed by professionals, your home will be a lot less dangerous to be in. A professional cleaner will take steps to make sure everything is kept hygienic and will deal with clutter that could stress you out mentally.

5. Surfaces And Items In Your Home Are Taken Care Of Properly

A professional cleaner is going to know what to use to clean various surfaces and things like your furniture. For the most part, they use multiple chemicals because there are some that are good for various tasks. A professional house cleaner isn’t going to cause you property to get damaged.

Top of the line maid services will generally also deal with your appliances in the right way. That way, your appliances will last longer due to being cleaned well regularly.

Appliances like refrigerators and dishwasher can take a lot of time and effort to make sure they are in the best shape possible. When you work with a maid service, the issue will be dealt with right away. They will know exactly how to clean all of your appliances so they all last you quite a bit longer.

6. Pet Cleaning Issues Are Dealt With

Most pets leave behind germs and the like that can make your home smell bad or have issues with not being clean. A cleaning professional has the right chemicals to use to deal with a pet that made a mess. They will also get rid of smells which can be hard without the right training.

By using professionals on a regular basis to get cleaning done, pet related smells won’t be a big issue for you. Things like a dirty litter box won’t be a problem because the scent of it will be dealt with using the right tools.

7. Maids That Know Their Stuff Do Their Work Right

If a home is being cleaned, you may not have a plan in place that helps you to clean the right way. Your cleaning strategy may just not be all that good and may lead to you having to do a ton of extra cleaning. Also, you may end up missing areas that cause your family problems.

Doing cleaning yourself isn’t as good as hiring a maid that knows how to do their job one step at a time. They will come in the home with a checklist and will know how to clean from the top down without doing any extra work. That means that they are going to do their job quickly and for a good price.

Work With the Best Maid Service Now!

Now you know what the 7 pieces of advice are that come from working with maids. They will make your life a lot easier and will make sure your home is taken care of.

You may wonder if there is a maid service near you that will do a good job. Try out Hubbard’s Maid service to keep your house in great shape at all time so you can enjoy being in and around your home more.

Proudly Serving the Missouri City Area

A Brief History of Missouri City

On March 13, 1956, Missouri City, which started as a small settlement 55 years earlier was incorporated. Even though the settlement was advertised as “a land of genial sunshine and eternal summer” in St. Louis, Missouri and other places in the mid-west, the first settlers were actually from Arlington, Texas. The small town of Missouri City experienced an economic boost in 1919, when oil was discovered in the nearby Blue Ridge area, followed by the discovery of natural gas in 1925. This gas discovery made Missouri City the first town in the county to make use of this natural resource. Since then, Missouri City has experienced a large economic and population growth. Because Missouri City has never had a commercial or industrial base large enough to maintain its population, a large part of its income has been from livestock and farming. The medical section of the service industry was also very crucial for the city’s development, the local petrochemical industry made compression and drilling goods. With a current population of about 70,000 people, Missouri City is one of the largest suburbs in the greater Houston area. Interestingly, unlike Houston, Missouri City has been a zoned place since 1981; which make apartments and condos a rare thing because of its zoning rules.

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