• Accepting the position

    I, the employee is accepting a position as a Cleaning Tech with Bello's Cleaning, I understand the training pay is $12 per hour. The hours spent in each home training with a Training Manager is to be paid at the completion of my first week.
  • I also agree to clean houses for income exclusively for Bello's Cleaning. and not on my own or on the side for any other company or individual. I will be issued a Perfect Maintenance Cleaning Manual to read and return upon departure from the company. I understand if I do not return this book, a charge of $7.95 will be deducted from my paycheck.
  • I promise to pay Bello's Cleaning the sum of THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($300.00) if I do not return the maid’s kit at the end of my employment. It will be deducted from your last weeks payroll. A MAID’S KIT consists of a cleaning tote with cleaning tools, chemicals, 6 dozen towels, a canister vaccum and an apron. Until this debt is paid in full through either direct payment or payroll deduction, the kit and all cleaning supplies remain the property of Bello's Cleaning.
  • An Bello's Cleaning Policies and Procedures book will be issued and is to be returned when requested or upon termination. I understand if not returned, a $10.00 charge will be deducted from my last paycheck. Also I understand upon termination, I will return all Bello's Cleaning property immediately. I understand all Bello's Cleaning T-shirts must be returned upon departure.
  • I understand the company adheres to a dress code, and I will follow the guidelines for the dress code by wearing company T-shirts and approved shorts or pants, and tennis shoes with socks at all times.
  • I understand if I do not complete training or I do not come to work for Bello's Cleaning after training is complete, I will be paid minimum wage. I also understand that if I quit before receiving my first paycheck, my training pay will be changed to minimum wage. If I quit without at least one week notice, any wages due me will be paid at minimum wage. I understand that all shirts and company aprons must be returned upon termination or departure or $37 for each shirt not turned in will be deducted from my last check.
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