We get it, cleaning a house isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it’s one of the most dreaded household chores.

That’s why many professional cleaning services are more than happy to take care of the job. However, not all professional cleaners do a good job or are the right fit for your needs.

Before you think about professional house cleaning, think about your standards. Taking a shot in the dark regarding who cleans your house is a gamble. You want to ensure that who your hire is trustworthy and good at their job.

The easiest way to do this is by preparing a list of questions beforehand. Canvasing different services using your questions ensure they meet your standards. Read on to find out the best questions to ask your potential cleaners.

1. What’s the Cost of Your Services?

You won’t get very far with a professional cleaning service without knowing how much they cost. Choosing among cleaners becomes easier when you have a budget. Reconciling a service’s guarantee with your wallet gets you cleaners you can afford.

Keep in mind that prices often lean toward the higher end if you choose to hire a company of cleaners. Single cleaner services are cheaper, but may not have the same experience or benefits. Choose depending on your house size and the amount of cleaning you want.

Once you understand the rates, opt for cleaners with a flat fee to prevent overcharging. Alternatively, set a price ceiling to prevent hourly-rate cleaners from charging too much.

2. Work Experience?

Hiring a service you can trust and has references often guarantees the best service. This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for references. A certified service won’t hesitate to give you their credentials to persuade you.

If you don’t know where to begin, ask around your community of friends and family. Use their reviews and experience to get a holistic view of which cleaning service you prefer. This also allows you to add your reviews and references to a particular company.

If they publish feedback from employers, that makes them more likely to listen to specific instructions. References also guarantee a list of people you can contact to verify a service’s performance.

3. Who Do You Employ?

Part of vetting a cleaning service includes knowing who they employ and how they employ people. Keep in mind that you are letting these people into your home when you are not there. Having a degree of concern is justifiable on your end.

A cleaning service must comply with state or local standards in their hiring process. This includes conducting background checks on their employee’s criminal record and including drug screenings. A reputable company should not hesitate to provide you this information.

Remember, these people can cause serious damage to your place. You want to ensure you can trust them for repeat service.

4. How Much Training Do Your Cleaners Have?

Housecleaning is no joke when it comes to professional cleaners. Ask the service what level of training they provide their cleaners if any. They get bonus points if they can provide you with a certification of their employees’ abilities.

This is particularly important if your home is old or has a room in need of specific instructions. Good cleaners should have enough experience to handle all the rooms in your house. Asking for the companies training process puts a burden on them to choose their best cleaners for the job.

5. Are You Insured?

Insurance is a deal-breaker when it comes to housecleaning. A company with insurance for its employers and for the company saves you potentially thousands of dollars. If something goes wrong while cleaners are at your house, you’ll wish you checked for insurance.

This is primarily due to the high possibility of cleaners breaking something in your house or getting injured themselves. If they do manage to break something in your house, insurance allows them to reimburse you.

Also, in the unlikely event that an employer suffers an injury, they are unlikely to sue you. Given that it’s possible that no one is around your house at the time, worker insurance ensures that you don’t become liable.

6. What Gear Do Your Cleaners Use?

If possible, look for a service that provides their own gear and cleaning supplies. This puts less of a strain on you to provide supplies. This also means that you will receive the standard cleaning from their company.

A uniform supply for the services’ cleaners adds further responsibility on cleaners to do a good job. As you have checked their references, you know exactly what to expect from them. Your supplies at this point should not influence how they do their job.

7. What Services Can You Avail?

While you’re busy questioning them, don’t forget to ask for a full list of available services offered. Once you have that information, take advantage of it by ordering any packages they have. This maximizes the time they spend there and allows for further cleaning.

This is also helpful if you have other cleaning needs that you need to do. Possible options include yard work and pool cleaning. Many services are likely to offer these services in addition to interior house cleaning.

8. What’s the Procedure?

Once you are aware of the fundamentals of the service, go in-depth on how they operate. Asking this gives you an idea of what to expect and how to get your house ready. This also clears up any misunderstanding on how they will conduct their jobs.

Make sure to discuss how they will enter the house and which rooms they will clean. Further questions under this include what approaches they will take towards handling difficulties. This includes your pet and children if any.

9. What’s Your Return Policy?

Finally, if you are not satisfied with their job, ask them about their return policy. A good service should have one ready for the occasion. Included here is a satisfaction guarantee, which opens room for negotiations.

Choose Your Professional Cleaners Today!

Your home need not remain dirty because you don’t have the time to clean it up. With the help of professional cleaners, you can maintain a tidy home year-round. Don’t jump the gun, though. Ask these questions before you choose a professional cleaner.

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