Do you have a computer in good working conditions that can be used for this job?(Required)
Do you have a quiet space in your home that you can use to work from? With absolutely no background noise such as dogs barking, kids talking, music, etc..(Required)
You’re expected to communicate with customers over the phone. Do you have intermediate to advanced English?(Required)
Do you have the ability to hardwire your internet connection for a more stable connection while you are working?(Required)
We will give you a few scenarios that would happen at Detail Cleaning Services. Let us know how you would respond, use your best judgment

Scenario 1: A Client messages you asking for an appointment on Monday. According to the schedule, we are fully booked until Wednesday.

Scenario 2: Please review the following company policy. Late cancelations & Lockouts: we will assess a 50% fee if you cancel with less than 24 "business hours" notice. The client will be billed for service at the full rate for failing to provide Detail Cleaning Services access to the home upon arrival or if we are turned away at the door.

Scenario 3: Customer requested not to enter the home before 2:15 pm because she would be in a very important meeting. The cleaning technician did not read the work order ahead of time and is very upset with the office because she was not notified of this change. The work order had been updated several days before and reviewing the work order prior to arriving at the job is the cleaning technician's responsibility.

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