Make sure to read our Customer Agreement before signing below:

We value our employees and pour an enormous amount of time, energy and, expense into our screening, hiring, and training processes. We are proud of the fact that Detail Cleanings has one the lowest employee turnover rate in the area. This agreement helps safeguard our success at providing only the best staff to our deserving customers. Sadly,  some people want quality without paying for it and attempt to undercut our efforts by trying to “poach” our employees. It is for this reason that our customers and employees agree to our “unfair solicitation agreement”.  This helps to minimize the risk of unfair solicitation which undermines the good experience all our clients have come to expect. Please help us maintain our extraordinary success by not soliciting our employees for hire directly.

I understand that I will be charged a  $2500 finder's fee if I hire a Cleaning Tech employed by Detail Cleanings on an individual basis for private work.
I understand that solicitation of a Detail Cleanings employee for private hire will result in permanent termination of service and forfeiture of any unused gift cards as well as the $2500 fee.
I understand that Detail Cleanings employees are not allowed to engage in a work relationship directly with me for one full year after employment termination.
I understand that I may be billed a  $75 fee for failing to provide access to the home upon arrival if we are unable to get in to clean or are turned away at the door.
I understand that I may be charged a $50 fee if I cancel service with less than 24 business hours' notice.

I understand payment is due at the time of service. My credit card number may be securely retained as backup payment for undisputed delinquent balances.


If you have any questions about our estimate,  please give us a call at (832) 483-5721 or email us at Thank you again for your business. We look forward to scheduling your new service soon.