• Detail Cleaning Services

  • Evaluate each section using the numerical ratings below and add any additional comments you may have.
  • Professionalism Total score for the section
  • Did he/she arrive at the designated time each morning for training? Did he/she meet on time at the designated place? If late, did you call the office or inform about it?
  • Does he/she look clean, tidy and professional? Did he/she dress in accordance with our policy?

  • Did she/he show enthusiasm and interest in the new job by asking questions? Did she/he show respect for customers, their homes and belongings? Did she/he make negative comments while at the customer's home? Did she/he treat the customer with courtesy?
  • Did he/she ask for additional tasks during training or did he/she seem willing and try to help?
  • How did you work with him/her? does he/she listen and follow instructions? did she speak freely about the client's home and family? was it positive, negative? is it excessive? do you predict that this causes problems with clients? Response to constructive criticism? Does she respond positively or negatively when asked to come back to correct something?
  • positive, negative, neutral, grumpy, sensitive, defensive, difficult to read.

    Job Knowledge
  • Knowledge of products and their proper use, knowledge of training materials (cleaning manual), completed training book and know what each cleaning product is used for, knowledge and follow job notes, read and followed instructions or asked many questions, consistency of performance, acceptable quality, defined routine?

    Technical Skill
  • Is he/she too slow, too fast or correct?
  • Do you rate this person's overall cleaning ability? (this includes, quality, speed, accuracy)
  • (bathrooms, kitchen, dosing, veining)
  • Write down the qualities you have observed Possibility of alcohol or drug abuse. Did you see any warning signs.How do you think this trainee will function as a cleaner for Detail Cleaning Services. Any possible concerns that could cause problems or termination?
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