There are two metrics that determine an employee’s job performance: the number of legitimate complaints and the scorecard rating. These metrics are correlated, as the scorecard rating is based on customer feedback. Complaints will always be visible in the employee dashboard's scorecard section, and perfectionism is not expected - a consistent quality service is.



  • Items were missed from the cleaning checklist.
  • A TTB "new home" deep cleaning was treated as a maintenance cleaning.
  • The employee did not follow the job notes' instructions.
  • Additional services were not completed as listed on the job notes.
  • The employee arrived late to the job and did not notify the office.
  • The client reported unprofessional behavior during the service. The employee manual has examples of unprofessional behavior.


Unfair complaints:

  • The client is complaining about the cost of the service.
  • There was an issue with scheduling.
  • Job notes were not recorded in the customer profile by the office team.
  • The customer is complaining about items not included in the cleaning checklist.
  • The home's condition was beyond the scope of our services.
  • The office team determines that the client demands were unreasonable.
  • The customer was being rude or unprofessional during the service. This behavior is not tolerated and must be reported to the office manager immediately.


Notes: Customer feedback that is deemed unfair and/or not legitimate by the office personnel will appear on the scorecard section but will not count towards the  employee’s  rating. These types of feedback are marked as excluded in the employee scorecard rating section.


Scorecard Rating Expectations: Takes effect after 3 months of employment 

  • Green 97%< Wow! Excellent 
  • Blue 94%-96% –  Good Work!
  • Yellow 90%-93% – Minimum Standard
  • Red 89% or less — Automatic Probation Period


Maximum complaints allowed per quarter: 3 Complaints

Possible Consequences for Not Meeting Minimum Rating Standard: 

  • Written warning 
  • 1 Month probationary period with a 0 complaints expectation
  • Placed on Improvement Plan, which could consist of Team Leader checking work and retraining in areas that need improvement
  • Termination

Management will determine what disciplinary action to take if the employee is not meeting the minimum rating standard. The above list is an example, and is not meant to be a list of how discipline progresses, and/or not a step-by-step guide for failing to meet minimum rating standard. An employee can immediately be terminated for not meeting minimum rating standard. 

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