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1. When 2 people clean as a team, which are the largest rooms in a house where you should begin an initial cleaning (FT)?(Required)
2. In a first-time cleaning (FT), what should be washed with a damp towel (not just dusting).(Required)
3. Choose the best answer, which services can a customer request for an extra cost in their cleaning?(Required)
4. Which is the best time to notify the office if you will need help to finish your workday?(Required)
5. Which cleaning products should not be mixed, as they may produce gases that are harmful to health?(Required)
6. If the shower floor is tiled, how should it be washed?(Required)
7. What things should be done in the bathrooms every time they are cleaned?(Required)
8. Choose the correct answer. If the stove is a gas stove, what should you do with the grates?(Required)
9. What should you do if a customer asks you to take off your shoes?(Required)
10. Choose the best answer. How can we make a good impression with our customers?(Required)
11. In what situations is cell phone use permitted while you are on the job?(Required)
12. Choose the best answer. What should you make sure to do when you arrive at a client's home?(Required)
13. What is the order to follow when starting to clean the bathrooms?(Required)
14. When cleaning stoves, what should we be sure not to get wet, as it can be damaged and not ignite?(Required)
15. When cleaning electronics, which tool should we use to clean them?(Required)
16. When we clean the blinds we have to make sure that...(Required)
17. How can we check that we did the best possible job before leaving a house?(Required)
18. Besides checking our work, what is important to do before leaving a house?(Required)
19. If there are a lot of knickknacks and clutter, what can we do to keep the client's home clean and organized?(Required)
20. What should we do if we find a messy house with a lot of clothes on the floor?(Required)
21. True or False: "It is not necessary to dust all the towel racks, and refold towels if they are already folded/arranged."(Required)
22. Choose the best answer. When we wipe down the kitchen countertops, how can we check to see if they are clean and without smears?(Required)
23. What cleaner can we use to rinse a stainless-steel sink?(Required)
24. When dusting, these are some of the things that are often overlooked:(Required)
25. What is the correct way to clean art paintings?(Required)
26. To remove stains on the wall, what materials can we use?(Required)
27.How should you use the mop head on hardwood floors?(Required)
28. What is the correct way to start vacuuming a room?(Required)
29. Which of these are some examples of staging a room?(Required)
30. What does one of the golden rules mean: if it is not dirty, don't over clean it (example)?(Required)
31. What is the major difference between a recurring cleaning and an initial cleaning?(Required)
32. Choose the best answer: Which areas should be cleaned during a move out/in cleaning(empty homes)?(Required)