Pay for performance

At Detail Cleaning Services, we offer a Pay for Performance system that rewards our employees based on the number of hours they work and the level they achieve. Pay for Performance is a compensation used to reward employees based on the number of cleaning homes they successfully service. This system is designed to motivate and incentivize employees to work efficiently, complete cleanings in an efficient manner, and maintain high-quality cleaning services.  Here's how it works:


Pay Levels:

Level 1: 40% - 29.9 Allowed hours of work or less

Level 2: 43% - 30 to 35.9 Allowed hours

Level 3: 46% - 36 Allowed hours of work or more


How Pay for Performance Hours are Determined:

We calculate Pay for Performance hours based on the assigned allowed hours for each customer throughout the week. Let's break it down with an example:


Work Schedule for the Week Example:

  • Monday: 7 Allowed hours of work
  • Tuesday: 6.5 Allowed hours of work
  • Wednesday: 6.5 Allowed hours of work
  • Thursday: 7 Allowed hours of work
  • Friday: 6.5 Allowed hours of work

Total Allowed hours for the week: 33.5

Based on this total, you would be placed at Level 2 (43%).

Calculating Your Pay:

During the pay week, we calculate your pay based on the level you achieved and the total payment made by your cleaned clients. For example:


If clients paid a total of $1500, your pay at Level 2 (43%) would be $645.00.

If clients paid a total of $1700, your pay at Level 2 (43%) would be $731.00.


Additional Information:

If you finish the work in less time than allocated, you will still be paid for the hours we initially assigned to you.

Level 2 is typically achieved by cleaning 2 houses a day for 5 days a week.

To reach Level 3 (46%), you need to clean 3 houses a day for 3 to 4 times a week.

Your payment includes gasoline and fares, as well as non-productive time such as travel time between houses.

It does not include customer tips which will be given along with your check.

The per diem for fuel and fares is already included in your payment, and a week's worth of funds is left in the account. As stated in our Employee Handbook, it is not mandatory to use tollways to drive to clean homes.


Monthly bonuses or competitions are not part of the performance pay and are subject to change or removal at any time.

Working Together at a House:

  • If you and a co-worker arrive and leave at the same time, the cost will be divided equally.
  • If you arrive and leave at different times, your payment will be based on the hours spent at the house, with the team spending more time receiving a higher payment.
  • Please note that it is essential to adhere to these guidelines, and any discrepancies or failure to follow the rules may result in termination. We value our employees' hard work and dedication and aim to maintain a fair and rewarding Pay for Performance system for everyone.


Training Pay

Orientations Pay= $8.00

  • New employee needs to complete the initial orientation 


Training & office Meetings: 

  • Company Meetings
  • One-One meetings


Speed Cleaning Training Pay (First Week of Employment) = $14.00

  • The technician in training will receive $5 for driving to each home as 

Special Training Pay = $10.00

  • Train the trainer
  • Company Bootcamps

Detail Cleaning Services Benefits

We strive to live up to our mission statement which is to enhance lives one cleaning at a time. As a part of our commitment to our mission, we take pride in offering employment benefits that are unique in our industry. We encourage you to make the most of these benefits and get familiar with them. 



After completing six months of employment with us, you will be eligible for vacation time.To encourage our technicians to strive for excellence, we offer a unique vacation pay system that rewards high earners with a higher vacation pay. This means that the amount of vacation pay you receive will be based on your average piecework pay over the last twelve weeks from your vacation week, so if you have been working hard to achieve level 3 pay, you can expect to see a higher vacation pay as a result. We believe in rewarding our employees for their hard work and dedication, and this is just one of the many ways we do so.


Healthcare Coverage:

We understand that healthcare is an important aspect of our employees' lives and we offer comprehensive healthcare coverage as an optional benefit. We encourage you to schedule a meeting with your direct supervisor to discuss the details of this benefit and learn how it can best suit your needs. You have the option to enroll in a coverage just for yourself or for your entire family. We hope that you take full advantage of this benefit and prioritize your health and well-being.

401K Retirement Plan:

At Detail Cleaning Services, we believe in supporting our employees' long-term financial security and encourage them to consider their time with us as a career. That's why we offer a generous 401K plan, which we hope you'll take advantage of.


How does it work?

Enrollment for our 401K plan opens every year on January 1st and again on July 1st. To be eligible for enrollment, you must be at least 21 years old, have completed 1,000 hours of employment, and have been with the company for 12 consecutive months.


As for the employee and employer contributions, they are matched as follows:


Employee = Employer

1% = 1%

2% = 2%

3% = 3%

4% = 3.5%

5% = 4%

6% = 4% (capped)

Here is an example of how it works:


Assuming your weekly check is $750, here are the percentages of employee and employer contributions, and the corresponding matches from Detail Cleaning Service (DCS):

  • 1% employee contribution = $7.50 (DCS matches $7.50)
  • 2% employee contribution = $15.00 (DCS matches $15.00)
  • 3% employee contribution = $22.50 (DCS matches $22.50)
  • 4% employee contribution = $30.00 (DCS matches $26.25 up to a cap of 3.5%, or $26.25)
  • 5% employee contribution = $37.50 (DCS matches $30.00)
  • 6% employee contribution = $45.00 (DCS matches $30.00 up to a cap of 4%)


Please note that these are just examples based on a weekly check of $750, and your own contributions and matches will vary based on your actual earnings and the percentage you choose to contribute

Automate Motivate Employee Reward Program:

We believe in recognizing and rewarding our employees for their hard work and dedication. That's why we offer Automate Motivate, a point system that allows you to earn points for your exceptional performance. These points can then be redeemed for cash, a paid vacation, or exciting prizes like a TV.


One of the great things about Automate Motivate is that you have the flexibility to decide when to use your points. You can either cash them in as you earn them, or save them up to use towards your dream vacation.  We hope that Automate Motivate will not only serve as a way to reward your hard work but also motivate you to continue providing excellent service to our clients.


Birthday Paid Off: 

While it may not be a traditional holiday, we believe that your birthday is still a very special occasion. That's why we are happy to offer you a special birthday pay of $80! Whether you choose to celebrate with friends and family or simply take the day off to relax, we hope that this bonus will help make your birthday even more special. Happy birthday!


PTO Days: 

We believe in recognizing and rewarding loyalty at Detail Cleaning Services, and our PTO program is one way we do that. We hope that you choose to stay with us for many years and earn the maximum amount of PTO days available through our program. The amount of PTO days you receive is based on your years of service and each PTO day is $80.

  • 2 years: 2 paid PTO days
  • 3 years: 3 paid PTO days
  • 4 years: 4 paid PTO days
  • 5 years: 5 paid PTO days

Holidays Paid:


We're excited to offer paid holidays for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! Each holiday payment is $80. If an employee works on a holiday, they have the option to take a "floating holiday" to be used within 6 months. To take advantage of this benefit, the employee simply needs to provide 7 days' notice before taking the day off. It's important to note that the floating holiday must be used within 6 months, so employees are encouraged to plan accordingly.


To qualify for holiday pay, an employee must have been with us for a minimum of two months. We believe that it's important to recognize and reward our dedicated team members. However, please note that if an employee decides to leave their job, they will lose their vacation benefits, PTO days, and paid birthday benefits. We hope that our employees see the value in staying with us long-term and taking advantage of all of the benefits we offer.

Holiday, PTO, and Bonus Policies: Your Guide to Benefits and Guidelines


Paid Holidays: Employees will be paid for the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. However, if you miss one day of the holiday week without prior authorization (an occurrence), you will not be paid for that day. The holiday payment will be $80.


Automate Motivate is a Loyalty Bonus: Please note that Automate Motivate is a loyalty program, and therefore points are forfeited if an employee is terminated or resigns.

Floating Holiday: If you work on a holiday, you can take a "Floating holiday" within 6 months. To use this benefit, you need to notify us 7 days in advance. If you fail to take the day off within 6 months, you will lose it, so please ensure you don't let this opportunity expire. To qualify for holiday pay, you must have worked with us for a minimum of two months.


Paid Vacations: Full-time employees are eligible for 5 paid vacation days per year after completing 6 continuous months of work. Vacation pay is calculated based on the average payment received over the last 12 weeks. For example, if the average payment over the last 12 weeks is $700, you will receive that amount for your 5-day vacation.

  • After receiving your paid vacation you must wait at least 6 months before you can take another vacation.

Mixing Vacation and PTO Days: Employees cannot convert their vacation days into PTO days. Vacation pay is calculated based on the average of the last twelve weeks of employment, while PTO pay remains fixed at $80 per day. The two types of pay cannot be combined or interchanged.


These policies are designed to comply with applicable employment laws and promote fair and transparent practices for all employees. For any questions or clarifications, please consult your immediate supervisor. 

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