A Brief history of Tomball


In the middle of the 19th century, the first group of Europeans arrived in the area that is now known as Tomball. Like most immigrants, the German settlers arrived with hope to improve their lives and with the desire to have the freedom only America promises. The immigrants found an open, fertile land that received a perfect amount of rainfall—great conditions for farming and raising cattle.


In its early days, Tomball was known as Peck which consisted only of a farming community and a small railroad stop area. On December 2, 1907, the town of Peck was renamed Tomball after the man responsible for routing the railroad and its operations through the small town, Thomas Ball. Mr. Ball is also famously known as the “Father of the Port of Houston.”


As Tomball continued to grow over the following 25-years, citizens had no clue of the major economic boom that was about to come into their lives. On May 27th, 1933 the Humble Oil Company, now known as Exxon, found oil southwest of town earning Tomball the nickname of “Oiltown USA”. Humble Oil Company and many more energy companies worked the fields around Tomball for many years producing more than 100 million barrels of oil and 316 billion cubic feet of natural gas and improved the lives of everyone in the area.


Over the next decades, Tomball continued to grow into an economically diverse and booming community. With a current population of over 10,000, Tomball is one the biggest cities in the Greater Houston area.


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Maid Service in Tomball


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